rapid solutions

Our Parent Company Ngineering Solutions began in 2003 and since then we have become experts in manufacturing a wide range of parts across various disciplines. Over the years, we have developed an understanding of the need for Rapid/Low Volume production and as a result we began to offer these services to our existing Customers to help them with their Rapid Manufacturing woes. With the need for Rapid Manufacturing becoming more and more apparent to more and more businesses, we decided to offer these services as a stand-alone division of the company.


CNC Machining

It is what it is, and we’re really good at it.

Rapid Injection Moulding

Sometimes Tooling lead times are far too long and cost a fortune.

Vacuum Casting

The rapid alternative to Injection Moulding! Mimic real textures & physical properties through the use of PU Casting.


Whatever the finish, we’ve got you covered.

3D Printing

Bring your design to life. Print in any material and visualise your design by holding it in your hands.

How can we
add value?

We like to keep things simple so that you can focus your attention on the important stuff. We believe that this is the key to getting things done quickly and correctly and cost-effective, and let’s be honest… that’s all that anyone wants in the world of Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing!

1. Drawings

PDF, STEP & DXF/DWG Files are all necessary for us to be able to quote in a timely manner, but rest assured your files will remain safe and secure whilst in our hands.

2. Quotation

We aim to have all quotes back to you within 24hrs of acknowledging receipt of your drawings.

3. Manufacturing

Once you’re happy with our quote (which we are sure you will be!) send us your PO and we will get to work making your vision come to life!

4. Delivery

We can dispatch worldwide, so no matter where you are, we can get your parts to you!